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Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit Overview

Are you performing double entry?  Is your website order system not integrated into Dynamics GP?  Do you need to record financial transactions from other line of business (LOB) systems into Dynamics GP?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of above questions then the Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit is what you need to reduce your administrative costs and increase the visibility of your financial data by eliminating unnecessary double entry and integrating your LOB systems together!

The Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit enables businesses to use the familiar SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) environment that is already available with your installation of Microsoft SQL Server to integrate business data into Dynamics GP.  Why buy a completely different integration tool when you have the perfect tool (SSIS) already at your disposal?

Business data such as Orders, Invoices, General Ledger, Purchase Orders, and many more types of business data are supported through the use of the Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect API.

The Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit provides several SSIS tasks and data adapters on top of the over 80 out of the box SSIS tasks and data adapters to bring a complete solution for integrating from a variety of data sources such as Web services, XML, OLE DB data sources, ODBC, flat files, and Excel.

Most integrations can be done without coding.  However the SSIS foundation provides for the ability to completely customize all aspects of the integration using the .NET programming language at any step in your integrations for the most powerful and compact Dynamics GP integration tool on the market.

All Keelio Software products are compatible with all editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 through 2019 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Licensing terms and conditions can be found by viewing the licensing page.

  • All the features of the XML SSIS Toolkit
  • Dynamics GP 9.0, 10, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2018 R2 supported
  • Real-time Dynamics GP Data lookup (for items such as SOP document types and many other Dynamics GP document types)
  • IntelliPrompt / IntelliSense editor that allows for intelligent XML creation using eConnect XSD file definitions, automatic code completion, node tooltips, and XML highlighting.
  • Variable error logging. All error logging gets stored for later use in emails or other types of notifications
  • Text and binary file loading. Used to load preformatted eConnect XML files from the file system
  • Advanced XML destination mapping tools utilizing the Template Transformation, XML Merge Transformation, and XML Formatter data flow components
  • Complete eConnect API functionality
  • Requester transaction support
  • Full transaction rollback support utilizing the SSIS transaction framework
  • Does not require eConnect API to be installed on SSIS server
Included Products
  • Dynamics GP eConnect Task
  • Dynamics GP Next Document Number Task
  • Dynamics GP Next Document Number Transformation
  • File Task
  • Template Transformation
  • XML Formatter Transformation
  • XML Merge Transformation
  • Sample Integrations for Dynamics GP
Product Comparison

The Keelio Software Advantage

Keelio Software's SSIS components for Dynamics GP do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. With best in class Dynamics GP eConnect technical support and the most comprehensive suite of tools for integrating data into Dynamics GP it is no wonder why customers come to our solution for their integration needs. Join others who have migrated from other overpriced, underperforming solutions to the Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit today!

Keelio Software Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit
Full Integration Capability

Succeed with the full power of eConnect

Want to leverage all the all the integration features of eConnect? Sure you do!

Most products on the market today are built on top of eConnect except for a few integration providers which use Dynamics GP web services. The web services do not expose the entire eConnect functionality like upserts, getting next voucher numbers, creating bank accounts, analytical accounting, and many more. When your looking to integrate be sure to look for eConnect compatible products such as the Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit!
High Speed
Built Upon SSIS
No Web-Services install
Complex Business Object Definitions
Transaction Flexibility
Parse eConnect XML files
Upsert Capable
Document Delete
Remote Data
Easy Customization
Trigger based executions
User Executable Integrations
$1,599.95 and up