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Version 2.21 of the Keelio Software Products has been released!

Version 2.21 has been released and contains a bug fix for the XML Destination Adapter that was causing out of memory errors when writing XML documents of a significant size to the file system.

Please note that string variable output is still restricted to the memory that is available and addressable to the .NET framework so you are encouraged to only use that option for putting smaller XML fragments together to form complete XML documents and not for very large (100's of megabytes) XML documents as you can still receive out of memory exceptions when trying to store everything in memory.

Version 2.2 of the Keelio Software Products has been released!

All Keelio Software Products have been upgraded to version 2.2!  There have been several changes with this release.

  • XML Destination Adapter can now have multiple lead elements on the same level.  This is accomplished by using decimal depth levels.
  • Two new XML samples demonstrating the multiple lead elements concept have been added to the XML Toolkit samples.
  • Validation is no longer done on each cell on the XML Destination mapping grid, but on a row level basis.  An issue was identified where people could get stuck in the window and have to close out of it using using the "X" box in the mapping window when trying set a new lead element on a row where the column depth was greater than 1.
  • Corrected an issue where the first row of the mapping window would be overwritten because the focus first went to the "enable/disable" checkmark in the mapping window in the XML Destination Adapter.
Version 2.1 of Keelio Software Products Released!

All Keelio Software Products have been upgraded to version 2.1!  There have been several changes with this release.

  • File Load Task has been renamed to File Task. The task now supports reading and writing from/to SSIS variables.
  • File Task supports UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, and ASCII (US-ASCII) file formats for reading and writing.
  • Append capability has been added to the file task.
  • Proxy bug fix with registration/installer program.
Version 2.0 of Keelio Software Products Released!

All Keelio Software Products have been upgraded to version 2.0!  There have been many changes during this release including the following:

  • SQL 2008 Support has been added
  • eConnect Tasks no longer require the eConnect Runtime to be installed on any SSIS Server.  The tasks have been rewritten to encapsulate the entire eConnect functionality and provide full SSIS transaction support!
  • Registration Utility now has proxy server support
  • XML Destination Adapter is now named the XML Destination Advanced Adapter.  This component has many new features such as the following:
    • Root document and name space capability
    • XML Preview support (view the XML document before you run the SSIS package!)
    • Multi-Level element and attribute support
    • Row level name space properties
    • UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, and ASCII encoding support
Version 1.1 Toolkits Released!

The Dynamics GP SSIS and XML SSIS Toolkits have been updated with new features and bug fixes.  The new versions of both tools are now at 1.1.

New Features:

  1. All variable assignment windows allow you to create variables on the fly.  You no longer have to create variables prior to assigning a variable to a property in the Dynamics GP and XML SSIS components.
  2. eConnect Tasks have been improved to allow you to automatically assign eConnect header and footer strings so you can save yourself time from having to concatenate those strings together prior to passing it to the Dynamics GP eConnect Task.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Synchronized all windows on how they operate with OK and Cancel buttons.  (Save buttons removed).
  2. Fixed a label bug in registration window
  3. Updated product manuals
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