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XML SSIS Toolkit Overview

The XML SSIS Toolkit allows you to map any SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) data to XML using three data flow components: Template Transformation, XML Merge Transformation, and XML Formatter.  The Template Transformation component is the primary component for generating XML documents.  From that one component you can generate any XML based documents as well as non-XML based documents quickly and easily.  In addition to the data flow components there is also the String Concatenation Task, and File Load Tasks to make quick work of any XML data mapping/conversions you may encounter.

The XML SSIS Toolkit provides several SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) tasks and data adapters on top of the over 80 out of the box SSIS tasks and data adapters to provide a complete solution for integrating from a variety of data sources such as OLE DB data sources, flat files, and Excel, Oracle, MySQL, and many more types of ODBC compliant data sources.

All Keelio Software products are compatible with all editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 through 2019 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Licensing terms and conditions can be found by viewing the licensing page.

  • Text templating to create any type of XML or flat file data
  • IntelliPrompt / IntelliSense editor that allows for intelligent XML creation using XSD file definitions, automatic code completion, node tooltips, and XML highlighting.
  • Ability to save directly to file system
  • Ability to save text to string variable
  • Multi-Level element and attribute mapping
  • All encoding formats supported
  • Preview window to see how your XML will look before executing the SSIS package
  • Binary data automatically gets converted to Base64 or hexidecimal
  • Primary key change detection
  • XML Formatter pipeline component (Remove Indents, Add Indents, Change encoding formats)
  • XML Merge transformation with primary key change detection
Included Products
  • File Task
  • Template Transformation
  • XML Formatter Transformation
  • XML Merge Transformation
  • Sample Integrations