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News and Announcements
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Version 2.41 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

A bug has been identified that caused the depth level to be incorrectly decremented in a specific scenario.  If you have upgraded to version 2.4 please use this latest release.

Version 2.4 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 2.4 has been released of all Keelio Software components.  There have been many changes in this released.  Read the update section of the documentation for information on upgrade procedures.

New Features:

  1. Document and Row level namespace support.
  2. Explicit ordering is now supported.
  3. New line on attributes option has been added.
  4. Document and Row level aliasing support (Local names)
  5. Column level namespace lookups are supported
  6. IMAGE and BINARY data is now automatically converted to Base64
  7. String concatenation task now has the ability to reformat (properly indent) any XML data.  This is useful when you want to have complete formatting after putting XML fragments together.
  8. XML Lang attribute support
  9. XML Destination adapter automatically reverts to a raw write mode when prefixes are used without a namespace context
  10. 19 New XML samples have been included in the XML SSIS Toolkit
  11. Several UI enhancements in the XML Destination Adapter

Bug Fixes:

  1. Version check on registration key utility now works for international cultures that do not used decimals for currency notation
  2. Depth validation issue with non-decimal information
  3. NTEXT and TEXT columns did not get outputted to the XML Destination
Registration Keys now available online

Registration keys for partners and customers are now available online.  Simply login to your account and go to the "My Accounts" tab and choose "My Registration Keys" to view your registration keys.

Your support expiration (annual maintenance expiration) is also shown in the "My Registration Keys" page.

Version 2.22 of the Keelio Software Products has been released!

Version 2.22 of the Keelio Software components have been released.

This is an incremental update that includes some enhancements to the registration utility to detail support expiration information. 

There are no changes in any of the SSIS components in this release.

Version 2.21 of the Keelio Software Products has been released!

Version 2.21 has been released and contains a bug fix for the XML Destination Adapter that was causing out of memory errors when writing XML documents of a significant size to the file system.

Please note that string variable output is still restricted to the memory that is available and addressable to the .NET framework so you are encouraged to only use that option for putting smaller XML fragments together to form complete XML documents and not for very large (100's of megabytes) XML documents as you can still receive out of memory exceptions when trying to store everything in memory.

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