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Version 3.01 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

This release is a hotfix for the version 3.0 release a few days ago.  The following issues have been corrected in this release:

  • XML Transformation adapter did not properly handle attributes at depth level 1 when attaching them to the row level element.
  • The File Task did not refresh the user interface properly due to case sensitivity issues with the drop down controls.
Version 3.0 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

This release has ushered in two new data flow components: XML Transformation and XML Formatter Transformation.

The XML Transformation allows you to map source data as XML within the pipeline and output the resulting XML into an XML text column (NTEXT).  It can do this for every row or if the data is sorted you can specify a primary key and on the change of the primary key it will output the row to the children pipeline components.  As you can see this would be very powerful as you can then use the join transformations that come with SSIS to then merge many-to-many and one-to-many relationships together.

During the merging process it is often necessary to reformat your XML as it will get slightly unformatted (missing indents).  The XML Formatter tool allows you to reformat your XML by adding or removing idents, and changing encoding format (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, etc).

Be sure to checkout the Family Tree examples in the XML SSIS Toolkit for a demonstration of the new functionality.


  • Two new components created, the XML Transformation data flow component and the XML Formatter transformation data flow component.
  • Additional validation has been added to the XML Destination Adapter
  • Code refactoring (some minor speed increases)
Version 2.42 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

All versions of the Keelio Software products have been upgraded to version 2.42.  This release contains several important bug fixes.  Any user using a previous 2.X version of the components should upgrade to this release to avoid potential component property corruption.

Bug Fixes:

  1. XML Destination Adapter may end up with corrupt component propertys in a specific scenario.
  2. Attributes with NULL data would cause the XML adapter to fail
  3. Installer would not properly log installed versions of .NET framework


  1. Dynamics GP eConnect adapters now contain more progress status messages.
Maintenance renewal changes

There have been several maintenance plan renewal changes at Keelio Software.  The model that was used in the past has been replaced by a much simpler fixed price model.

Additionally you can now purchase renewals at any time from our website instead of receiving individual invoices for renewals.

This has been done to simplify the renewal process for both our customers and partners.

Version 2.41 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

A bug has been identified that caused the depth level to be incorrectly decremented in a specific scenario.  If you have upgraded to version 2.4 please use this latest release.

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