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Version 3.15 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

NOTICE: This release contains several very important changes that will affect the compatibility with previous packages.  Be sure to read the update instructions in the manuals as you will be required to run a conversion tool if you are upgrading from a previous version of our products to this version.

This release contains the following updates/fixes:

  1. Integrated installer for all products.  SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 components are embedded into one installer.
  2. Installer is now a pure MSI based installer.
  3. All code has been consolidated and refactored into version specific DLL's.  This means that you can now have SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 components running side by side which will be helpful in development environments that deal with multiple SQL versions.
  4. XML Merge component automatically refreshes when new columns are present.  In the past you had to go into the advanced editor and mark any new columns that were created from upstream components.
  5. XML Transformation and XML Destination adapters have been updated so that no component properties are updated until you press the OK button.  In the past XML mappings were updated immediately. 
  6. XML Transformation and XML Destination adapters now do validation on the OK button press.  This will make it so you can make any edits that you want without getting validation errors during row edits.  All validations are now handled at the very end of the component when you press the OK button. This will provide for a much better editing experience.
  7. Fixed a validation error that would occur in the XML Transformation and XML Destination adapters when using attributes at depth level 1 when the output row element was unmarked.
  8. Added more validation logic to XML Merge component.
  9. Added more validation logic to the XML Destination and XML Transformation components.
  10. XML Transformation and Destination adapters now handle upstream component changes better so that downstream components do not have to be updated as much or be completely remapped. 
  11. Fixed a bug that would cause the XML merge component metadata to be corrupted when attaching to the component multiple times.
  12. Updated installer utility to detect multiple sample types.
  13. Added a project converter tool to upgrade from versions 2.41 to 3.14 to make those compatible with 3.15.
  14. Dynamics GP SSIS and XML SSIS Toolkit manual updates.
Version 3.14 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

This release is a maintenance release containing the following fixes:

  1. Updated registration program with additional logging.
  2. Updated XML Merge, XML Formatter, and XML Transformation components with additional logic to check for changes in upstream component changes such as data type changes, column changes, etc.
  3. Transformation components now retain their settings when disconnected from parent components.
  4. No longer checking if output is connected on transformation components as output connection can not be detected during validation.  This caused users to have to open the component editor to just hit OK so the component would refresh.  This step is no longer necessary.
Version 3.13 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

This release is a hotfix release that contains the following fixes:

  1. Registration program would error if you had a regional localization set on the operating system that allowed commas as a decimal seperator.
  2. Updated Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit and XML SSIS Toolkit manuals.
Version 3.12 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

This release is a hotfix release that contains the following fixes:

  1. XML Transformation component would not be properly initialized when put into a for loop container as rows would not have been added to the output buffer on subsequent iterations due to a variable not being reset in the component during the pre-execution phase of the component.
  2. XML Merge component had variables that were not reinitialized during the pre-execution phase of the component which could cause more then one iteration through the component to fail (such as using a for loop container).

Update (June 3, 2009): Republished installer with the following additonal fixes:

  1. When using a primary key the final iteration of the XML transformation component would output an additional blank row when it should not have.
  2. Added an extra example to the Family tree examples to show how to add header and footer values over an entire collection of rows.
Version 3.11 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

This release is a hotfix release for version 3.1.  We had fixed the depth level issue in the previous version, however it created another depth level issue.

This version will resolve the depth level tag closing issue that was present in the previous version of the components when dealing with decimal depth levels.

The version 3.1 download has been pulled from the site.  All users who updated to 3.1 are strongly encouraged to download this new version.

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