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Version 3.32 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 3.32 has been released and contains several improvements with the template transformation component.


  1. Template transformation component would not output the correct rows data if using mapping ID's within the "Last Record of Primary Key" template type.
  2. Occasionally you may get an "Invalid number of output columns" error on the template transformation if certain scenarios occurred in the data flow which caused one or more input or output columns to change (such as changes in data types or column names, or by copying the component to another data flow source).  When this occured you had to re-setup the template transformation task.  You no longer have to do this as all of the metadata should be re-initializing correctly.
Version 3.31 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

UPDATED 11/19/2010: 3.31 has been released and replaces 3.30.  A bug was found in the XML Merge component when contained within a dataflow that is contained within a for each loop container which would result in incorrect XML being generated if using the XML Merge component.  This issue has been fixed.

This release is the first release that no longer has the XML Destination and XML Transformation components included in the toolkit any longer (see 3.20 announcement for more details).  If you are still using the XML Destination or XML Transformation components and need assistance getting them upgraded to the template transformation please email us at support@keelio.com


  1. Template transformation NULL detection has been fixed for BLOB columns (TEXT, NTEXT, IMAGE, BINARY) columns.
  2. You can now change the output column names in the template output components (useful when chaining together multiple template output components).
  3. Documentation updates.
  4. Updated installer.
  5. Changed registration installer file name so Windows 7/2008 R2 installer detection does not think it is an installer executable.
Version 3.22 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 3.22 contains several important bug fixes with the Template Transformation data flow component.  Anyone using the component is recommended to upgrade to this latest version.  Due to issues discovered during this release we have pulled 3.20 and 3.21 from the website and they will no longer be available as they can cause data loss when using the template transformation.

This release contains the following updates:

  1. Data loss would occur during buffer transitions when using the template transformation due to the way buffer state was maintained.  This occurred in both the 3.20 and 3.21 versions of the component.
  2. AccessViolationException could occur when using the template transformation.  Turns out this appears to be an SSIS bug that can't be easily remedied and is not specific to our components but can occur with out of the box components as well.  To tackle this issue we have built in a safeguard which should protect users for the majority of cases of this bug when using the template transformation by setting an in memory buffer.  The buffer size is user selectable and data is written to the downstream pipeline when the buffersize has reached a defined memory limit.  This limits the number of times we set data in the pipeline buffer and therefore minimizes the occurance of AccessViolationExceptions.
  3. Primary key detection may fail in random scenarios in all components that use primary keys (XML Merge, XML Transformation, and Template Transformation).  This was due to the way the keys were stored in memory and will no longer occur as we have moved to a known safe key storage technique.
  4. Base64 and Hex encodings have been added to the template transformation component by utilizing specialized escape lists (read documentation for more information).
Version 3.21 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

 Version 3.21 contains several important bug fixes with the Template Transformation data flow component.  Anyone using the component is recommended to upgrade to this latest version.

This release contains the following updates:

  1. Template transformation issue where columns could not be removed properly after adding them in either the standard editor or the advanced editor.
  2. Fix for template transformation error that would occur if no rows enter the component.
  3. Updated samples installer that now guides you through install process based on what samples you have installed and you can now select which samples you wish to setup instead of being forced to setup all samples.
  4. Documentation updates.
Version 3.20 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

This release contains a new component that will replace both the XML Destination Adapter as well as the XML Transformation adapter and is called the Template Transformation.  This component can do all of the things that the XML Destination and XML Transformation components can accomplish but can also do many more things that customers have requested. 

The XML Destination adapter and XML Transformation components will still be supported.  However they will be removed from all future versions of the product as of November 1st, 2010.  If you wish to upgrade to versions that are released past that date you will need to convert your existing integrations to utilize the new template transformation task.

Template Transformation Features:

  1. Very low memory utilization. The component can write data to the downstream pipeline almost immediately therefore there is no longer memory constraints with our tool as we can offload the data as soon as it hits the component. This has essentially reduced the memory footprint on most documents by around 98%.
  2. Much more granular control on how you create documents. Customer feedback necessitated the change to make this more of a template tool as the other XML creation components restricted you in many ways in the way you generate your XML and therefore failed in many customer situations unless you wrote XML "fixup" code after the initial document had been created.
  3. There is usually no need to ever use the XML Formatter tool any longer as you can design your templates in a way that would make it so that the XML data always comes out formatted properly. This will also increase the performance of your integrations due to one less step the integration has to perform.
  4. Built in XML and HTML escaping. Previous components only had XML escaping.  In fact now the escaping is completely user customizable on a column by column basis.
  5. Built in XML data cleansing to remove characters outside of the valid XML range as defined by the W3C. No data cleansing was performed in the previous components.
  6. Ability to create non-XML based documents.
  7. Faster XML creation using the tool, instead of defining many XML nodes and levels you can now use one of the many free XML editors available and define the structure of your XML within that editor and copy and paste in the XML fragments into the template transformation tool instead of defining all of the rigid levels and nodes as you had to do in the previous versions of the component.

This release contains the following additional updates:

  1. Dynamics GP 2010 support.
  2. Automatic document numbering for many document types within the Dynamics GP eConnect task as defined in the eConnect SDK.
  3. SQL 2008 R2 tested.
  4. All samples have been rewritten to utilize the new Template Transformation component.
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