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News and Announcements
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Version 4.23 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 4.23 has been released. 


  • Corrected issue where next document number task would not save properties on SQL 2012.
Version 4.22 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 4.22 has been released. 


  • Corrected UI issue where Dynamics GP version was not getting set properly on various components.
Version 4.20 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 4.20 has been released. 


  • Added Dynamics GP 2013 support.
  • Corrected STA (Single Threaded Apartment) error when doing meta data refreshes on the Template Transformation component.
  • Corrected datatype change issue when refreshing column on template transformation component.
  • Significant eConnect performance enhancements.
Version 4.11 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 4.11 has been released. 

Bug fixes:

  • In the SQL 2005 version of the components deleting a template row would cause two rows to be deleted instead of just the one selected row.
Version 4.10 of the Keelio Software products has been released!

Version 4.10 has been released. 

New features in this release:

  • Template transformation component now has an IntelliPrompt / IntelliSense editor which allows for intelligent XML creation using XSD file definitions.
  • Template editors do automatic node completion while typing in XML.
  • Template editors show XSD document comments while typing.
  • Template editors show line numbers to more easily see carriage return / line feed breaks.
  • Template editor now performs XML highlighting.
  • Template editor windows retain the window size and splitter positions. Addtionally more splitters have been added to resize more of the window.
  • Template mapping ID's can now be dragged/dropped into the editors rather then double clicking on them.
  • All eConnect XSD's are included in the installation package.

Bug fixes:

  • In certain scenarios null text columns would cause the template not to output correctly and you would loose some data in the template when using the automatic whitespace trimming functionality.
  • Dynamics GP next document number components would not authenticate properly within the UI if using a connection with SQL Authentication.
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